Saturday, 24 October 2009


Senate Spy is very different to prievious episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Not a single blaster is fired in this episode, nor is a lightsaber ignited, nor does anything explode.

One thing I liked in this episode the number of environments previously seen in the live action movies, including Padmé's apartment verandah (Episode III), the Senate corridor (Episode II) and rotunda chambers (Episode I), the Jedi Council war room (Episode III), entrance gates (Episode III), and Cato Neimoidia (Episode (III).

I also liked how this show continues to delve deep into Star Wars' huge array of characters. It turned out Clovis was working on a new droid factory, and his allies were Poggle the Lesser and Lott Dod – the latter a semi-obscure Neimoidian Senator, whose one scene in The Phantom Menace had him objecting to Padme's claims that the Trade Federation had invaded Naboo.

The one thing I don't like about Padme in The Clone Wars is that in nearly every episode she's appeared in she get's captured (Star Wars: The Clone Wars film, Bombad Jedi, Blue Shadow Virus etc.) or in this case being poisoned. They are starting to make Padme look like a damsel in distress to me.

DID YOU KNOW: The take-out food Anakin carries is labeled "WARM FOOD" on the side, and "SUSHI" on the top. The crashing wave design printed on the box is taken from a recently produced R2-D2 tea towel.

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