Sunday, 4 October 2009


Holocron Heist
Absolutely loved this episode, possibly my favourite episode as of yet! Loved the new characters particularly Jocasta Nu and Cato Parasitti. Also liked the little duel between Ahsoka and Cato Parasitti (disguised as Jocasta Nu). I liked how they added Plo Koon in the Felucia fight at the begining and I thought that Seth Green nailed the role of TODO 360.
Overall I would give this episode a definite 10/10!

Cargo of Doom
This episode was as good, especially in terms of graphics and plotline. Poor Master Ropal the saddest scene I've seen in the whole of the Clone Wars series. But do you really think Cad Bane is dead? I reckon that Cad Bane got changed in Denal's armour due to the fact that at the end of the episode when Anakin asked if he retreaved the holocron, Denal's voice sounds croaky (like Bane's).


  1. when is season two start?i might of missed it on oct 2nd?and when does it start then on cartoon network in the uk?please, please reply by any way if you see this is louis

  2. Season Two won't appear on Cartoon Network in the UK 'till spring next year!

  3. oh damm! damm damm damm!!!!!!!!!!i cant belive it!!i had it on my calender!were did you find that out?hey are u lyin?ok ,ok.hey if you can give me a specific date that would be cool!(not!)how long is that?byes.oh and its my mums b day nex sat. i heard you goin somwere wif martin. you proboly cant come round.o well see yah