Saturday, 2 January 2010


Grievous Intrigue marks 'The Clone Wars' debut of Jedi Masters Eeth Koth and Adi Gallia. As you all probably know, the expanded universe attempted to kill off Eeth Koth in 2003's Inside the World of Attack of the Clones, claiming he died in a gunship crash on Geonosis that also took the life of Sora Bulq -- another Jedi character who emerged intact in a subsequent source. I also enjoyed seeing General Grievous in action and the long awaited return Commander Wolffe, who has suffered an eye injury since his last unhelmeted appearance in "Rising Malevolence," necessitating a cybernetic replacement. There were also a few major disappointments in this episode such as Anakin seeing Grievous in the Jedi War Room as they're supposed to see each other for the first time on 'The Invisible Hand' in Revenge of the Sith and the fact that Adi Gallia has been portrayed too young, looking more like Stass Allie rather than Adi.
Rating: 3/5

Following the events of Grievous Intrigue, General Grievous has fled to Saleucami being closely followed by Obi-Wan Kenobi along with Captain Rex and Commander Cody. Whilst searching for Grievous, Rex is shot by a pair of Commando Droids and requires shelter in order for medical attention. He is given shelter by a Twi'lek farmer and her husband, Cut Lawquane, a clone deserter... The thing I enjoyed most about this episode was when Rex and Cut had a conversation in private over a game of dejarik holochess most famously played by C-3PO and Chewbacca on the Millenium Falcon in A New Hope and the encounter between Obi-Wan and Grievous towards the end of the episode.
Rating: 4/5