Thursday, 10 December 2009


The first of the saga, this episode marks the return of the infamous 212th Attack Battalion members Waxer and Boil aswell as the series debut of Cerean Jedi Master, Ki-Adi-Mundi. A very good episodes and darker than we've seen before, especially when you see the Geonosians being burnt alive! On a negative note, this episode also introduced Ki-Adi-Mundi's second-in-command Clone Commander Jet. What the hell!? Why not use Bacara from Episode III? That's what everybody wanted! Anyway, baring that in mind, I would give this episode...
Rating: 4/5

Another great episode also introducing the series debut of a familiar Jedi... BARRISS OFFEE!!! In this episode, we saw Barriss and Ahsoka working their way through underground catacombs in order to reach and destroy a newly developed Battle Droid Factory. It was good to see Ahsoka with a fellow Padawan Learner, and to see her reaction to 'The Clone War'!
Rating: 5/5

I could sum this episode in one word: ZOMBIES!!! The darker tone of this episode was established early on, in a scene that was the most humanizing we've ever had for the poor Battle Droids. But it was after Luminara was captured that things really got creepy. The scene in which she woke up to find herself being dragged through a tunnel by several Geonosians was incredibly creepy. I also liked the Geonosian Queen, Karnia the Great voiced by Dee Bradley Baker (who also voices the Clone Troopers).
Rating: 4/5

This was a very cool, dark episode. I would go as far to say this episode actually scared me. This episode also marked the first time I recall so directly hearing hints of "The Imperial March" on The Clone Wars, in a scene that certainly warranted it. When Anakin needed to get information from Poggle the Lesser that could save Ahsoka, he was told Jedi mind tricks didn't work on Poggle – so Anakin proceeded to hit Poggle and then force choke him to get the answers he seeked. Torture is certainly not the Jedi way, and the force choke is of course one of Darth Vader's favorite tricks. Once again, I am impressed and surprised by how dark this show can go.
Rating: 5/5