Friday, 26 February 2010


Episode Description
When Senator Onaconda Farr dies under suspicious circumstances, Padmé sets out to find the person responsible for the death of her favourite 'uncle.'

Character Descriptions:

Halle Burtoni (EP215)
With the creation of the clones for the Republic, Kamino earned a seat within the galactic senate and they sent one of their oldest and most powerful members to represent them. Senator Burtoni’s main goal is to always keep Kamino’s interests a top priority and she will stop at nothing to do so.

Inspector Lieutenant Tan Divo (EP215)
An eccentric member of the Coruscant police force, Tan Divo believes in the letter of the law and his enforcement of it. How he handles suspects is an entirely different matter that could use a bit more tact.

Lolo Purs (EP215)
Rodia’s representative and Onaconda Farr’s best legal aide in the fight for Rodian rights. A young and idealistic member of the Galactic senate, Lolo is a staunch supporter of the Republic but follows in the footsteps of her mentor as one who wants to see a peaceful resolution to the war. However, her world and resolve is shaken when Farr is killed under mysterious circumstances.

Senator Mee Deechi (EP215)
The senator from Umbara is a staunch advocate for the Republic especially when it furthers his wealth and power. To Mee Deechi, the war was a necessary step to achieving real peace and though that flies in the face of people like Senator Amidala he will not back down from his belief no matter what anyone may say or do.

Extra Notes:
Halle Burtoni's appearance seems to resemble that of Yzma, the main antagonist in Disney's The Emperor's New Groove (pictured above)


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Wednesday, 17 February 2010


A lot of the episode was very similar to Attack of the Clones, in which Anakin kept losing his lightsaber, including some direct dialogue references, such as Ahsoka noting Anakin always warns her, "Your lightsaber is your life" – which of course was the same thing Obi-Wan told him in Episode II.

This episode featured an elderly Jedi named Tera Sinube (Tera Sinube's design is based on an abandoned alien concept illustrated for Episode I Senators) aswell as two female assassins by the names of Cassie Cryar (who almost looks like a Tim Burton character mixed with Star Wars) and Ione Marcy (who looks almost cute until she opens her mouth to reveal creepy sharp teeth).

DID YOU KNOW?: When Ahsoka is researching underworld thieves, she poses on a mugshot of Brea Tonnika, one of the Tonnika sisters seen in the cantina in Episode IV.